Enter the Instagram account's URL and click on "Hack Account".
Wait for the script to finish its work.
Guide to hack any Instagram account
Ever wanted to hack any Instagram account? You're on the right path. In the next few minutes you will be able to hack ANY Instagram account (Your girlfriend/boyfriend's account, your children' accounts, your crush's account, etc...)
The method that our script uses is actually very complex and only experienced programmers and hackers can understand it. It basically grabs the URL of the victim and take the username. Then, the script tries to find any occurence of this username in the Instagram's database. Once found, the script will then try to read the encrypted password. Once read, the hardest part begins; the decryption. Instagram uses one of the best encryption methods on the internet, but thanks to a few Instagram developers we were able to get their encryption method and our script will, in a few minutes, decrypt the password and finally show it to you. The best part is that you stay anonymous.

Now paste the URL of victim's Instagram profile and let our script do the work for you.